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i am absolutely extatic

i must say this movie was fabulous. the graphics were top-banana, the storyline was gripping and hot-to-trot. and the content? well who wouldn't love a shit-covered woman in the bathtub.

sheer excellence.

OHHHHH my daysssss.....

Now i'm not a full on hiphop fan but...

"Temperature's risin'" by Mobb Deep = WICKED tune.

big up GC. ;]


i fucking love this song <3

you wouldn't think it, me being a D&B head and all, but Air freakin' rock. this song just sends a chill down my spine every time i hear it.

oh and the movie was ok down with the kk etc :]

kitty-and-meander responds:

Thanks for the good reveiw man! I love Air too. Lost my virginity to Playground Love. Thats their best song, EVER.

great stuff!!

now anyone can become review mod with these easy to follow steps

i liked the whole old-timey ness as well, interesting touch!

nice work cannabisssssssssssssssssssssss ssssss.

Sir-CannabisClock responds:

thanks sir :D

absolutely mindblowing

perhaps one of the greatest movies of the new generation.

nice :)

the artwork is looking sharp on this one and you create a very detailed and realistic atmosphere from the rain effect and shadowing

sound effects and music go nicely with this too

good work.

Sir-CannabisClock responds:

thanks sir :D


Marvellous TooF parody, very random at the end, loved it!

Reviews and commentary was a nice touch too. And According to your last response Logo's stopped submitting TooF on here? Marvellous!!!

Aite, well wicked movie! Peace out.


ThreeStar responds:

Thanks, Frank!

Oh yeah! Logo quit submitting his crap to Newgrounds, on account of... well, let me quote:

"My main reason for leaving NewGrounds is just because the pressure was a bit overwhelming. I always felt pushed to produce, and I want it to be FUN again."

Basically, he can't take the SS's criticism, so he took off. ;]

Love ya,

Absolutely Fantabulous

Excellent work guys. Loved this very very much, the artwork was beautiful, clear and crisp, animation was top banana and each style was very unique too (especially the pixeled segment - very clever, must've taken long time to do that!!)

Major respect to all those who contributed into this, marvellous work!


Starberry responds:

why hello old bean old chum, glad to know you enjoyed it;;; i hope everyone else realizes that they did make some people enjoy this instead of just thinking about the way the score plummetted overnight and all the negative comments;;;


That Postman Pat sure is one feisty muslim!!!!

Fivestar's was hilarious too!!!



it's about time logo got what was coming to him for his slipshod lame, and poorly animated excuse for a flash movie, that was horrendously overrated.

toof fanboys - stop raving over what you just saw and realise that it's only the internet, everyone is valued to their own opinion on everything.

absolutely class work :)


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