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Bill Cosby's one outrageous dude! He's totally in my face!

LOL this is awesome work man, hilarious concept.

You betta do part 2 so fast yo azz bursts on fire....cuz ah cayun't wait!!

Poor =(

"|-|0\\/\\/ (_)53|_355 15 7|-|15 700|_? \\/\\/|-|Y 15 17 0|\| |=|20|\|7|O493. \\/\\/|-|0 \\/\\/0(_)|_|) |\|33|) 4 |_337 7|24|\|5|_470|2 4|\|Y\\/\\/4Y.

1 |23(|<0|\| 7|-|15 J(_)57 907 |=|270|\|7|O493 |33(4(_)53 17 |-|45 |\|3\\/\\/9|20(_)|\||)5 |3|24|\||)3|) 4|_|_ 0\/3|2 17!"

...and now the translation:

"How useless is this tool? Why is it on frontpage. Who would need a leet translator anyway.

I reckon this just got frtontpage because it has Newgrounds branded all over it!"

I stand by my opinion on this. Talented artists make detailed works of flash and get nothing. You toss up this overly-blatant-advertised 1337 Translator in 10mins and get a frontpage. Not impressed.

Something Anti-emo on Frontpage?!?!?

Talk about unexpected eh?! :D

What can I say, TOP marks for originality in this game. A very hilarious concept. But it's a real shame that there's no sound, because that would've made top marks from me.

All it needs, as i said - is a bit of sound. It could be the wailings of Within Temptation or Good old Linkin Park as background music, the slice of a blade when you pass through a knife or blade in the game, win or lose music at the end, there are countless options.

Still though very good work. I tip my hat to you sir.

Awesome :P

Don't listen to that tankcorps bastard.

This was swell <3

I can't click on Sixstar when he's strapped to the rocket though :(
Fix this and the other bugs up and your a winner =D

ThreeStar responds:

You're not supposed to click on SixStar, rofl. I didn't finish.. I ran out of time! Will fix later, and I'll add the other stars and things later tooooo you know. :3

Thanks for the cool review,
<3 Three

Sir, you must have NO DECENCY (or life).

I mean come on, a PIXELLATED hentai dressup?!?!?! Jesus.....

And that pervert mode.....f**king sick.

This is officially a major low for Newgrounds. *sigh*


Your quite an artist and music is light and bubbly (typical of anime music really) - but what can I say, hentai dressups don't appeal to me.

I'm sure other people *coughgrizzleycough* would like this a lot more than I did tho lol.

Shadow-Kaznama responds:

Damn .. its no hentai dress up -_-
Im 15 years old .. n_n" He he..

Takes me back....!

This is a nice soundboard. Everything is neatly laid out, wide diversity of samples, and even though it's only based on 2 shows and some theme tunes it's a very good soundboard!

You get extra marks for having "The Three Headed Rolf" sample in there. I think anyone from SS and the Clock crew will know what i'm on about ;-)

Not bad!

Soundboards are a very popular thing to submit here, i'm sure there are quite a few ren and stimpy soundboards on the portal.

This one is alright, but needs some improvement.

The sound quality is awful on some of the samples, so up the quality as best as possible when exporting the flash file to swf to ensure there is as little degrading of the quality as possible, avoid using samples that you have found on the net that are very low quality if possible, it would achieve a much higher score.

Graphics are nothing special, just a few boxes scattered on the page with ren in the background and the odd picture here and there. I can see though that you've categorized each group of samples, which is good!

Also, this may sound a bit tricky, but for Prank calls you'll need basic samples such as "Hello". "Who is this" etc etc. If you have the time and/or patience, try digging out some old episodes, hook up to your TV, or use microphone as last resort, and browse the episode for such samples and record them. You'll find it a LOT more useful for prank calls and it keeps people who are hard to please on Newgrounds happy. =)

Overall, good job! I loved that show, and this brought back some nostalgia for me! =)

I don't care if the graphics suck

I'm just ever so glad to control the Crazy Frog's hilarious death. Thank you TiMO, this is amazing! =D

Fifen'd and added to favs :-)

P.S. Anyone who likes Crazy Frog should check in at their local mental institution and ask for a permanent soft padded cell.

Good start =)

This looks pretty promising idea. If i have any suggestions, I suggest that you add some extra outfits, maybe the ability to change the background, change the face etc. I look forward to the full version =D

Btw, this is the creator of the BGM speaking here! I'd like to send a massive thank you out to all those who are leaving very positive comments on my music for this submission! Again, Thank you all very much for your very positive feedback for my music! It's all very motivating ^_^

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