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Astronomically Good

....Ever listened to a song and found that it is so good that it sends a chill down your spine? Not many songs do that for me, but "Hymn of The Fallen" did.

This is absolutely amazing, fair play. The melodies and harmonies in this are absolutely spot on, really create and set a mood and atmosphere. Fantastic selection of orchestral instruments, everything seemed to fit together perfectly without it sounding too cluttered. I couldn't really find any faults with this at all, it's just...beautiful.

Nice one :]

SuperTonic64 responds:


Thank you so much! ^_^ This song has a lot of personal meaning to me, and I'm glad you like it. :)

Anywho, I admire your work and I really appreciate your praise! :O I play "Starlight Zone" often when I just relax and listen to music--great song, and a great artist. ;)

Anywho, thanks for the review! ^_^
~Smartpoetic :)


w...w...what is this????

you sure don't sound like a 20 year old btw ;)

A nice start, but could do with some adjustment

This is quite a nice tune, i surely would not call it techno - I believe a better subgenre for this would be "Deep House" ;)

When you said "relaxing pad" - you weren't lying, the pad is really really beautiful and dreamy, but the synth "craving for attention" absolutely drowns it out. The synth does actually go leaving the pad and bass at their own devices, but its just the same pad and bass riff looped a fair few times. Now i know techno music is quite reliant on repetition, but perhaps you could've added a little something to freshen it up. The synth does return back at the end, and the same problem still remains - drowning out the pads. The bass actually fills in quite nicely, and i noticed you aren't afraid to use full range of the notes in a bassline which is good! Another slight gripe was the drum pattens, which were awfully basic, kicks every bar and claps every 2 bars and so on. If you don't want to change this arrangement, add some extra hi-hats, percussion instruments or even a loop ontop to give it some flair.

Also if your having trouble with instruments drowning out other instruments, as well as playing with the volume of each instrument, try using Compression and Mastering - it works wonders.

Best of luck, and check out my stuff if you fancy some more trance & techno music.


DJRaveR responds:

Wow, thanks for the review. Ok, lets start form the top shall we :P.

All I do is make this music with what I know in FL so I don't really know the genres and all, but thats for the head up.

Well, anyway, I rush through my audiosreally fast, even I don't know what happens sometimes, but drowning out the rest of the instraments was not my intention.

Ok, repitition happens for a few reasons, one is because I only spend a few hours on a audio, and also I am not that exprienced with FL. FYI the clap is not the basic, it actually has a little spacing :P.

And yes, the bass does fill in nicely, just like its supposed to.

I also use compression, I'll have to look into mastering.

Thanks for all the tips (its been hard replying :P) I'll check your stuff as well and thanks for this massive review.

A very techy edge on a VG-Classic

Nice stuff.

Nice how you've propelled the tempo up high - gives it a "happy-hardcore-like" sound.

The instrumental section is very inventive in the middle. Nice choice of sounds. Some sounds are a tad clashy, but apart from that, it's very good.


PaulyBFromDa303 responds:

Thanx dude. I love yur stuff. Well the thing is, I had some struggles with the volume, one goes up then another dominates, but that domination is a bad thing, so thats what i got lol.


This is wicked man. Reminds me an awful lot of stuff produced by Dillinja ;)

Good luck gettin signed man!

Nice :D

The Speed Garage warping bassline in this blew the roof off.

You could really develop this into a full drum & bass track :D.

Drop in some more d&b breakbeats, add some ragga samples, some dreamy pads and your sortedddddd! ;D

Overall, good stuff!

Bloody Awful

I assume you mass downloaded this to get it double-platinum right?

The rhythm was all over the place and it had no sense of structure. AND YOU SAY THE BARNEY BUNCH HAVE NO TALENT.


ADT responds:

Thank you for the review I was trying to find out who has been clicking on the download for my music over and over I should have guessed it was a barney bunch member. wow you really have no life if your willing to try that hard.

This is sweeeeeeet!

Absolutely love the piano and guitar riffs on this piece. Wouldn't really class it as hiphop as such, but nevertheless, it's an awesome track!

Great work! :)

BeatyB responds:

thanks alot man! i just didnt know how to class this track

Sounds great....but maybe missing something....

I can see you've put a lot of effort into this, and it's payed off! I love the trance lead in this and the fine detail you've put into recreating the trance sound through filtering etc. Effects sampled from Super Mario work good in this, and The breakbeat loop also fits in well with this, giving it a more progressive style rather than just straight forward techno.

However, what was missing was extra instruments. A bassline would sound wicked on this, add a couple of extra synths here and there that play occasionally (they don't have to play the same melody - they can have riffs of their own) and drum fills to add variation to the loop. If all this and any other trance-like aspects existed - this would get my perfect 10!

For now though, it's a 7. Keep up the good work :-)


oh yeah im bustin this jointtt at the club biatch! now go watch La Blue Girl yo!!! >:-(

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